02 Sep 2021 - AMLD Africa

Along with Ivan Zvonkov, I presented Harvest’s work at AMLD Africa. We discussed what we’d learned developing and deploying agricultural land cover classification models.

22 Jul 2021 - ESIP Summer Meeting

I presented at the AI Data Readiness: What does ML Training Data Interoperability Mean to You? Breakout session, where I discussed Harvest’s work to combine agricultural land use datasets in a machine-learning friendly manner.

08 Dec 2020 - AGU Fall Meeting

I presented at the Solving Training Data Bottlenecks for Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning in Earth Science eLightning session, where I discussed the work I have been doing with Harvest to develop crop maps in data-sparse regions.

21 Oct 2020 - Geo For Good Public Sector Meetup

I presented at the Geo for Good public sector meetup, discussing Harvest’s work to create rapid response crop maps in Togo (and how we used Google Earth Engine to achieve this).

Check out the youtube recording of the meetup here!