Gabriel Tseng

Hello! My name is Gabi. I am a PhD student at McGill / Mila, working under the supervision of Professor David Rolnick to investigate ways in which machine learning can help fight climate change. This includes working with Professor Hannah Kerner at NASA Harvest.

Land use is one of the most important environmental issues, and agriculture is the main driver of land use. My research seeks to better understand the Earth’s landcover using remote sensing data, with a focus on improving the machine learning algorithms used to make large scale agricultural landcover maps.

In addition to machine learning for remote sensing and agriculture, I have been lucky to contribute to:

I also love spending time outdoors, either by climbing or running in beautiful places.

In addition to the technical blog here, I also have a non technical blog, at

You can check out my CV here.


I’ll be presenting Presto at SERVIR’s Geo-AI Working Group. Join here on Wednesday May 1st at 10am CMT.

I’m at ICLR in Kigali, helping to organize the Machine Learning for Remote Sensing Workshop. I’ll be moderating a panel at the workshop with Esther Rolf, Kristof Van Tricht, Abigail Annkah and Anthony Ortiz. Let me know if you’re at ICLR and would like to grab coffee!

We kicked off our food security project in Maui county (in partnership with Maui United Way, Responsible Markets and UHMC) visiting farmers and training students on Maui, Molokai and Lanai.